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Are engine oil guard treatments and engine oil flush the same?

No. An engine oil guard treatment uses chemical additives that protect the authenticity of the engine oil as it works as a guard.
It is a great way to improve the health of engines that are old. An engine oil guard treatment is mainly used as a tool for the prevention of rust. If you are using an old vehicle, an engine oil guard treatment could be the primary service that you may choose to opt for. It enhances block leaks and seals, prevents wear and tear, slows down rust growth, prevents corrosion, enhances the cleanliness of oil, and improves viscosity.
While it is good to be aware of the importance of oil change, there is always the risk of sludge and carbon components deposits caused by old oil and burnt fuel. During an engine flush, our skilled technicians will place chemicals in the oil to get rid of these unwanted substances by methodically flushing them out. This will increase the power efficiency and mileage of your vehicle.
While both of these methods are ultimately aimed at increasing the engine life of vehicles,, they are two different methods designed to create comparatively similar outcomes and great methods to increase the efficiency and performance of automobiles.